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★ Mabudachi: A RyoPi Community★

A Ryo_Pi Community

Mabudachi: Best Friends
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All Members , Moderated

This community is dedicated to those who are fans of the relationship between Nishikido Ryo and Yamashita Tomohisa aka Yamapi. Whether you believe it's a romantic relationship or just adore the long-time friendship the two have had is to your own desire. Entering the commmunity, you'll see posts connecting the two, be it graphics, fanfics, etc. Enjoy!

1. No flaming or hating on the pairing or the members of the community.
2. You can post ANYTHING related to Ryopi here, whether together or individually.
3. Please use lj-cuts and tags! It'll make it easier for people.
4. Enjoy yourselves! That's all that matters, ne?

(Note: If there is any errors, do tell us. We wouldn't want to have the wrong facts. Email me(Kamika/tinyangl) at elementsky01@hotmail.com or Marikit/insane_desire oishimama@gmail.com for corrections.)

- marikitpvs
- bishie_central
- yamapi_daily
- news_jpop

If you'd like to be an affiliate of our community, just email me (Kamika/tinyangl) at elementsky01@hotmail.com or Marikit/insane_desire at oishimama@gmail.com! We'll be more than happy to affiliate with other communities!