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27 October 2012 @ 02:06 pm
Dating Games (RyoPi)  
Title: Dating Games: How to commit to each other – a manual for beginners
Pairings: RyoPi, side: KameRyo, Pi/Yuu, Kame/Yuu
Rating: NC-17, no PWP
romance, humour, smut
Summary:Ryo likes Pi. Pi likes Ryo. But why is Pi making out with Yuu in the closet then? Why is Ryo dating Kame and talking about Harry Potter? And why is Ryo kissing Kame at Tsubasa’s birthday party? Why is Pi talking to Takki rather than to Ryo? And why is Pi using nerve-wracking tricks to get Ryo’s attention?
Pi soon learns that his little trick to make Ryo commit to him backfires and now he has to fight with all his might to get him back.
Notes: This was originally written for sweetspicyhot. <3

(“And then he said we should keep this thing casual. CASUAL! This insensitive jerk! Can you even believe that?”)